Malvern Microphone

This springs from our passion for intergenerational connection and activity. There is a desperate need in our society to renew our respect for the wisdom of age, and to capture and harness the diverse and fascinating stories that senior members of our community hold within themselves. There is a need for younger people to learn from these, and for older people to be energised by the story-telling of young people. ABC works at The Space and in other community settings to get young and old sharing their stories together.

Malvern Means the World

This second strand of the Malvern Mic project is in response to the increase in racist and xenophobic incidents happening in our communities since the EU Referendum. ABC believes in standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with one another, and with a clear message: in diversity is life; in diversity is growth; in diversity is transformation and creativity. We celebrate the multiple communities of faith and ethnicity that vitalise and enrich our civic, commercial and political life, our arts and our culture. We rejoice in our European identity, our wider international links and our global citizenship.

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