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Below is a list of events both past and upcoming. Please take a look through to see how you can get involved with AMAKA!

Come and Join Us
At The Space Opening!

The Space : Opening and Welcome Day

24th Sep 2016 Event At The Space

2 – 6pm. An opportunity to see the venue and discuss how you can be part of it. There will be cake, tea and coffee, and opportunities for children to play whilst grown-ups relax and chat. Drop in for just a few minutes or stay for much longer!

Come and Join Us
At The Space!

Malvern Means the World

29th Oct 2016 Event At The Space

6.00 for 6.30 – 8.00 (then open until 9pm for refreshments). Celebrate our diverse community here in Malvern. Bring something to share from your own heritage: food, drink, a song, a poem, or tell a story about how you came to be here, or about your hopes for the future.

Come and Join Us
At The Space!

Christmas Songs and Carols

17th Dec 2016 Event At The Space

3.00PM – 5.00PM. Christmas songs will be sung and there will more than likely be a mince pie or two kicking about!

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